About Us

Vardhman Mahavir College Pawapuri (Nalanda) which was established on 13th April 1979, is a well known reputed educational institution situated at one of the most historical tourist places of Bihar. It was established by the Co-operation of Villagers and Jain Communities (Shree Shwetamber Jain Tirth Bhandar and Shree Digamber Sidh Kshetra Pawapuri) in quite a rural environment and great holy place of Trithankar Bhagwan Mahavir. The College has made progress with a view to providing higher education to boys and girls of this rural area under the imagination of ‘Vardhman’- Whose intelligence and wisdom may improve” The main motto of the College is “Samyak Darshan Gyan Charitrani Moksh Margah”.

This institution has made rapid progress by emotional and economic assistance of the founder Secretary late Ram Snehi Babu (Pawapuri Transport), Late Vijay Singh Nahar (Ex-MP and Deputy CM of West Bengal, the then president of Shree Shwetamber Tirth Bhandar Pawapuri) and Late Subodh Kumar Jain (Chief Secretary of Shree Digamber Sidh Kshetra Pawapuri).

Founder Secretary –  The Founder Secretary of College Late Ram Snehi Babu has been known as a dutiful and successful transporter, a keen lover of education and skilled organizer in this locality. He had been the secretary of College during his life span from the establishment date of College that is 13th April 1979 to 10th May 2006. The College has made tremendous progress because of his co-operative and practical approach.

Present Secretary – At present Dr. Sadhu Sharan Singh is the secretary of this institution. Dr. Singh is not only a successful doctor but also a bi biologist and lover of education. The College is in rapid and continuous progress under the supervision and leadership of this man of parts.

Principal – Dr. Kedar Prasad Singh who has been the principal of this prestigious institution since March 1980. The College is making day to day progress under the supervision of this man of letters. Due to his skillful administrative ability, educational as well as practical knowledge and quick suitable decision-making capacity, the College is developing by leaps and bounds.
Teachers & non-teaching staff of this College are also very skillful and dutiful. They are performing their duty well with their all efforts under the supervision and leadership of this admirable and honorable Principal.